Meet the board: Linnéa Järvinen (Svensk Ungdom)

Why is Linnéa from Svensk Ungdom active in Nordic politics? What is her favorite Nordic word? Why does she love Stockholm in the summer? Find all the answers here!

Where are you from?

As a Swedish-speaking, 19-year-old Finn I was born and raised in Turku, which is one of the largest cities situated on the southwest coast of Finland.


What do you do in your everyday life?

I am currently spending my gap year in the Gelderland province of The Netherlands. I am studying daily for my university entrance exams. I would love to study psychology, and I’m planning on applying to different universities across The Netherlands and Finland. I am also interested in languages and Nordic politics, which I’m continuously keen on learning more about.


Why are you passionate about Nordic politics?

The Nordic societies are very similar, which opens wide opportunities for cooperation between the countries. The initiation of a Nordic passport, a great idea which I gladly support from the board of NCF, could ease the lives of many Nordic citizens. It would make e.g. travelling, studying, working and living in another Nordic country smoother.

Not only do I identify myself as a Finnish citizen, but rather as a Nordic one. Thus, matters concerning Nordic politics concern me as well.


What is your favourite Nordic city and why?

This question is somewhat tricky considering the fact that I have not visited all Nordic countries yet, and therefore I cannot include their cities as alternatives on my list. Currently my list consists of cities in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Of these, I choose Stockholm as my favourite. I have travelled to Stockholm countless of times because of my father’s job and witnessed how different the city appears every season. I especially like Stockholm in the summer, when it is filled with light and life. I love cycling through the city and hearing a variation of sounds including the wind, distant music, laughter and occasional parades. I am keen on visiting Norway and Iceland soon as well, and experience what these countries have to offer.


What is your favourite Nordic word?

It has to be the Danish word “morgenfrisk”. The definition of the adjective is that you wake up feeling fresh and rested in the morning. Why I picked the Danish version of the word is because of how it sounds. What could be a better start of the day than waking up morgenfrisk?

Where is the Nordic cooperation in 50 years?

I really wish that anyone who hails from a Nordic country by then will be able to proudly say that they are a Nordic citizen, and benefit from the accompanying advantages. In the rest of the world the Nordic countries are commonly defined by factors such as prosperity, health, happiness and freedom. Imagine what we could achieve together if we would work efficiently on our countries’ mutual goals.