Meet the board: Diljá Helgadóttir (Samband Ungra Framsóknarmanna)

Why is Diljá passionate about the Nordics? Why does she drink so much coffee? And what is her view on the Danes? Well, you better read this if you want to know the answers!

Where are you from?

I’m from Kopavogur, in Iceland. It was a suburb of Reykjavik with the first houses built during WW2 so it’s one of the youngest towns in Iceland. I was born in Reykjavik so I would say it was my first love, you can’t visit Iceland without seeing some of our amazing natural wonders. We are not overpopulated nor overdeveloped, just pure and wild.

What do you do in your everyday life?

I’m studying law at the Reykjavik University and recently started working as a paralegal at the leading Icelandic bank, Arion Banki.  I love to work out in the morning before the day starts. It gives me extra energy and I exhausting myself is somehow the most relaxing part of the day. I study in the between and spend time with my boyfriend, friends and family and drink a lot of coffee, trust me law students need coffee. Haha!


Why are you passionate about Nordic politics?

I love the Nordic countries, and specially after living in Norway.  NCF gives me the opportunity to be in contact with people from different countries that I know are gonna be my friends for a lifetime. Time flies when we work together and I've learnt a lot not only in politics but also about myself and the world. I love the Nordic and being a part of NCF is a great pleasure and privilege.


What is your favourite Nordic city and why?

That’s a hard question. I haven’t been to the Faroe Islands or Greenland yet.. I love Stockholm but I would say Copenhagen  – it’s big but feels so small when you get a bike and explore it by yourself. People there are friendly, it’s easy to visit it from Reykjavik and Danes are always fun to be with and up for anything.


What is your favourite Nordic word?

Definitely Viking.