Announcing the new Secretary General of the NCF

The NCF has benefited from the hard work and dedication of our current Secretary General Jose Forslund for around 3 years. But all good things must come to an end, and we've been on the lookout for a new Secretary General the last month.

We're proud to announce that we've found the candidate who's just right for the job: Emma Tcheng. Emma is an active member of Svensk Ungdom in Finland, is 22 years old and studies political science at the University of Helsinki.

Emma Tcheng

Emma Tcheng

Emma has been an active member in Svensk Ungdom since 2013 when she started as a board member in SU’s region in Helsinki. Since fall 2014 Emma has been the chair of Svensk Ungdom in the Helsinki region and actively involved in local politics.

“I am happy about the opportunity to be the new Secretary General. I look forward to start working at a new exciting organization and the shared memories ahead of us.”
— Emma Tcheng

The board was involved in the process all along, and the decision to choose Emma was based on several discussions within the board about what a good Secretary General is made of:

For the position as Secretary General, the boad wanted someone who is both organized and visionary. Emma has an infectious energy and a drive that the NCF will without doubt be able to benefit hugely from. The board and I look forward to working closely with Emma!
— Erik Carter, President of the NCF

Emma has actively followed the situation within the Nordics and the border controls between Denmark and Sweden is particularly problematic to her. Emma also sees the NCF as a strong platform to tear down the borders between the Nordic countries:

Through the NCF, I want to work for a strong and united North. The stricter border controls are deeply problematic. Nordic cooperation is needed in times like these. We need the NCF more than ever.
— Emma Tcheng

Emma will start her job as Secretary General on May 1st. The current Secretary General, Jose Forslund will end his term later this month at Repskapet in Oslo. Emma will be attending Repskapet 2016 in Oslo as well.

For further information:
Jose Forslund, Secretary General (until 1st of May), +358400639483

 Emma Tcheng, Secretary General (starting 1st of May) +358409001313