Johanna Mantere runs for presidency of the NCF

Johanna Mantere (Svensk Ungdom) has announced that she is running for President of the Nordic Centre Youth (NCF). Mantere is 24 years old and has been active in various of youth organisations for many years. She is currently the first vice president of the NCF as well as the vice chairperson of the International Committee of Swedish Youth. Mantere studies Public International Law and International Human Rights Law at Åbo Akademi.

We need a strong Nordic co-operation more than ever. NCF has been a spokesperson for that  co-operation in the Nordics for over 50 years. I want to continue the path that the NCF has been creating and together with fellow centre-liberals, find solutions and visions for our future Norden. While the NCF should be a platform to build networks and friendships, it should also be a strong voice heard in both the Nordic Youth Council as well as the Nordic Council.
— Johanna Mantere, SU

Robert Steffens (Centerpartiets Ungdomsförbund) supports Mantere for president. Steffens is a board member of the International Committee of CUF and represents the NCF in the Nordic Youth Council.

“Johanna is a very competent person and knows how to be a good leader. She is the perfect person to lead the NCF. She has my full support.”

- Robert Steffens, CUF

Mantere also receives support from fellow board member Syver Zachariassen (Senterungdommen) who is also active within his own organisation's International Committee.

“Johanna is including in her work and has the ability to widen the perspectives of policy-making in the NCF. Her warmth and charisma will be an asset for the work in the board.”

- Syver Zachariassen, Senterungdommen

The Nordic Centre Youth will elect a new board and a new President at the Repskap in Skåne, 28-30 April 2017. The current President Erik Carter (Radikal Ungdom) is stepping down, after leading the work of the NCF for three years.


For more information,

Johanna Mantere: or +358 40 5386699

Emma Tcheng: or +31 6 13 78 66 79