Applications for the NCF Working Groups 2018-2019

Do you feel that the Arctic issues are close to your heart or would you like to learn more? Are you interested in influencing the course of the future Nordic copperation? Apply now for your two working groups!

At the last Repskap, in spring 2018, the NCF decided to create two working groups. One of them would we working with Arctic questions and the other would prepare the work of the revision of the political program. As of today we are looking for eager participants.

The working groups will work until the Repskap 2019, after which the result of the work will be presented. The chairs of each working group are resposible for coordianting and facilitating the work of each working group.

Caught your interest? Read more about each working group below! 

Working Group 1 - The Arctic

Chair: Niina Ojala, Finland (KeNu)

Are you interested in the Arctic area? Would you like to contribute to policy making concerning the Arctic?

The Arctic working group will discuss questions related to the Arctic, write a resolution on the topic, develop a week-long social media campaign and contribute to the political program of NCF on the Arctic.

The work of the WG can be summed in three main focus areas:

  1. Mending a resolution on the Arctic area for Repskap 2019

  2. Develop a week-long social media campaign with a aim to highlight Arctic questions

  3. Contribute to and develop NCF political program on Arctic issues

We are looking for 1-2 representatives from each MO. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Niina at

Working Group 2 - Political Program

Chair: Syver Zachariassen, Norway (SUL)

Are you interested in affecting the politics of the NCF hands on? Would you like to determine how the Nordic cooperation should evolve? Then this WG is the one for you!

The Political Program of the NCF has not been revised since 2016. Therefore, it is time to take a look at the political foundation of our organisation. The WG will revise the whole political program from topics such education and research to environment, energy and transportation. The preliminary timetable is to present a first draft at the upcoming Top Meeting where delegates are encouraged to make amendments and give comments. After the Top Meeting, the draft will be sent to the Board of the NCF and finally to the Member Organisations. The final product will be presented at the Repskap in 2019. 

We are looking for one representative from each MO. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate contact Syver at


Applications to either working group should be sent to no later than the 26 August 2018 at midnight!