Mantere stepping down as president

Johanna Mantere (Svensk Ungdom) will step down as president of NCF at the upcoming Repskap in April. Johanna has been a part of the board for three years and has lead the organisation for two years. During these years NCF has further developed both internally and externally.


“We’ve developed new ways of working. Before, the resolutions weren’t followed up effectively but now each adopted resolution get a follow-up plan and the results are communicated at the next Repskap. The board is now following a Social media strategy and working in thematic working groups on issues like the Arctic or the renewal of the Political platform. Working in an international organisation may be challenging at times, and therefore we’ve also implemented personal expectations and feedback sessions for the board.”


“During 2017 and 2018 our funding was stable and we had the possibility to develop our activities. In spring 2018, we invited the presidents and secretary generals for a Nordic Young Leaders Meeting (NYLM) in Helsinki. NYLM was a success for everyone! This is a great platform for our member organisations to share best practises, get to know each other and also learn something new. During spring 2018, NCF also visited collaboration partners and european institutions, as the Commission and the European Parliament, in Brussels for a study trip. In autumn 2019, the Board also organized an interesting Environmental seminar in Stockholm. We’ve had the possibility to bring our member organisations together and build networks on several occasions, which I’m personally most happy about.”


“NCF is unfortunately meeting some economical challenges due to lack of external finances for 2019. The current board is working hard to find new ways forward, but this situation will surely follow to the next board as one of the main issues to solve. I’m confident that NCF will find a way, as it has found one each time before.”  


Johanna will finish up her Master’s degree in Public International Law and Human Rights in Finland and is currently looking for new job opportunities.