NCF calls for a border-free Norden

The board of the NCF visited Lund in Sweden from the 18th to the 20th of March for a board meeting full of work - here is a summary of what we did!

Border controls - a tragedy of centralization?

The theme was the border controls between Denmark and Sweden which the board members experienced on their own bodies when travelling from Kastrup Airport in Denmark to Lund. The border controls are in deep violation of the spirit behind Nordic cooperation which the NCF has stated before.

Niels Paarup-Petersen, a co-founder of Øresundsrevolutionen, visited the board and talked about the campaign and his own story as a Dane with Swedish citizenship. He explained the problem with centralisation and that most important decisions in Sweden are taken in Stockholm, even though they affect people 700 kilometers away - the so-called 'Stockholmsnorm'.

Find Öresundsrevolutionen on Facebook!

Find Öresundsrevolutionen on Facebook!

The board also worked with the political programme of the NCF, where the new draft will be sent out to all member organizations so it can be decided upon at the Repskap in Norway.

Read the final draft of the political programme here:

New observer member of the NCF?

The liberal youth party Liberala Ungdomsforbundet (LUF) was also represented, as they are applying for observer membership for the NCF which is to be decided upon at the Repskap.

A new observer member?

A new observer member?

New campaign coming up on Nordic citizenship - #jegernordisk!

The NCF is working closely with Foreningerne Nordens Forbund (FNF), Foreningerne Nordens Ungdoms Forbund (FNUF) and select youth umbrellas in Ungdomens Nordiska Råd to highlight the problems with gränshinder (border obstacles) for Nordic citizens.

The campaign is schedueled to launch in May followed by posts on social media on #jegernordisk to highlight people's stories about moving and living in other Nordic countries.


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