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Repskap 2019 HKI

Dear Member Organisations,

As a new year is upon us, we would like to extend an invitation to the annual Repskap - the highest decision making body of the NCF. Please note that we will elect the President and the board of 2019-2020.

This year we have the pleasure of visiting Helsinki, where the meeting will take place the 26-28 of April. We are happy to have Keskustanuoret and Svensk Ungdom as the hosting organisations of the event.

Please remember that the size of the delegation (as well as number of votes) depends on the size of your organisation, in numbers. However, the votes are not personal, so one person can represent the whole organisation as well as the x amount of votes. Please check the table in the attached document.

The deadline for registering is the 22th of March. Please find attached at the end of this document, the link to the online registration form. 

The deadline for sending resolutions is the 5th of April. We encourage everyone to send resolutions. The resolutions must be written in English. Please send them to

As our finances are unstable at the moment, we have decided to increase the participation fee substantially for this years Repskap. We hope this to be temporary and to be able to lower the fee in the future. The participation fee for this year's Repskap will be 250€/participant. If your MO is interested to come but don’t have to means to pay the full participation fee, please contact me. I want to stress that you need legitimate reasons for this as we’re currently facing tough times financially.

However, please remember that according the Board Decision on the 25th of February 2017, participants signing up after deadline are charged with an extra fee of 100€. This accounts for all sign-ups up to two weeks after the deadline. If the sign-up is done two weeks past the deadline, the participant is responsible for the booking and the costs him-/herself.

If a participant is nominated to take part in the Repskap, this is a commitment to participate, and the participation fee will be charged even if the participant doesn't attend the meeting. Unforeseen circumstances can be discussed. In this case, please contact the Secretary General.

Link to the online registration form:

We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki!

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