Meet the board: Syver Zachariassen (Senterungdommen)

Why is Syver from Senterungdommen passionate about Nordic politics? What is his favorite Nordic word? What is his connection to the Norwegian constitution? Find all the answers here!

Where are you from?

I’m from Eidsvoll, one hour north of Oslo. Eidsvoll is the place where our constitution was written in 1814 - and the reason we celebrate our national day the 17th of May (like crazy) every year. The best part about Eidsvoll is that it’s near Oslo with the high speed train, and the fact that you still live in the countryside.

What do you do in your everyday life?

I’m doing a bachelor’s degree in economics and corporate law at Handelshøyskolen BI (BI Norwegian Business School). Being a handball fanatic I also play handball - even though my knee doesn’t want me to.

I am also lucky to have a part time job at Senterpartiets office in Oslo - it’s a great working environment and I get to work with politics.

Why are you passionate about Nordic politics?

I have always been very passionate about international politics in general. Which is the main reason why I joined Senterpartiet. The need for strong Nordic relations and cooperation is growing. From the perspective of not wanting Norway to join the European Union - I think a stronger Nordic voice in the world would be better. I think more of the decisions in Brussels should be done at a Nordic level.

What is your favorite Nordic city and why?

Definitively Helsinki - friendly people, good nightlife and good beer. And the Finns are so fun to be with when they get their party going..

What is your favorite Nordic word?

Dugnad - The dugnad tradition has been around for a long time. It means that a community or small group of people come together to perform volunteer work in order to accomplish something that benefits the whole group.

Where is the Nordic cooperation in 50 years?

Hopefully we have gotten a long way on infrastructure. High speed trains between the biggest cities, and across the borders. I think the Nordic countries will be more integrated when it comes to defense.