FAQ - Nordic citizenship

Curious about Nordic citizenship but unsure what it means?

The vision: It has to be as easy to participate in, move to and live in other Nordic countries as your own. We want a Norden without borders and with active citizens.

There are several aspects to Nordic citizenship. Here, we outline the frequently asked questions (FAQ):

"Are you removing my national citizenship?"

No. The Nordic citizenship will simply mean that you keep your national citizenship but are treated equally in other Nordic countries should you choose to live there. It's common sense, really.

"Are you against EU-citizenship?"

We actually don't have an opinion on that. We believe in Nordic integration because the Nordic countries are economically, culturally and historically similar. We've showed the world what good societies look like for more than 60 years. If the EU was inspired, we'd simply be flattered.

"Will all rights and duties follow me if i move?"

Yes and no. Yes, because we want you to be treated as equally as possible in the Nordic country you should choose to live in. No, because some duties like military service are too much to ask for from citizens that have just shown up to the party. So this will be open for discussion.

"Why not propose a nordic federation?"

The idea is interesting, but we're more focused on how to help people on an everyday level. We believe the Nordic cooperation has always been driven by a bottom-up engagement from citizens, so we find it natural to strengthen that level first.

"Will it not create welfare tourism?"

Well, first of all, we don't really believe that people leave their home country, all their friends and their life to get a marginally higher income from social benefits. But even if people choose to do so, we want a mechanism in place so the countries compensate each other so no one has to pay an unreasonable amount of money for supporting other Nordic countries' citizens.

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